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Friends With Issues

It’s 1997 and three successful women will change forever when they make bold decisions to transform their careers, love lives, and families.  From the wealthy suburbs of New York City to the glittering inner circles of Hollywood, Friends with Issues takes us on a journey with these women as they upend their comfortable lives and gamble on the future. Along the way, they learn that money doesn’t protect any of us from the unimaginable.  Written with compassion and humor, Friends with Issues reminds us about the complicated decisions we all make as we try to hold onto the familiar while propelling ourselves into the unknown.

“Meredith Berlin's tour de force brilliantly explores multiple themes in this compelling new novel. The relatable women and the spot-on depiction of the era are reminders of where we came from and what we have overcome. Brava!"

--Angela Page, award-winning author and producer

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